2018 / 01 / 01
New Year's blog reboot

While you were asleep...


A great power couple

Towards the end of 2017 I decided that I had to improve/update my tech stack.
So, while doing the obliged tech review rounds, I found some jewels; a powerful couple:

  • Hugo for static site generation.
  • Bulma as a minimal CSS framework.

I got so excited that I tasked myself with ditching WordPress once and for all, and rebuild this blog with my newfound tools.

What can I say, the journey has been illuminating!

Restarting a blog a decade later

I really like tweaking my websites here and there, iterating until I feel they look just right.
Modifying the styling, structure, and information architecture.

I have not touched a piece of PHP code in a very, very long time —and I don’t intend to, anytime soon.
Just thinking about doing this in WP proved unpleasant. But I decided to give it a try in Hugo.

Here is the new version, live!

Some background

This blog was started on January 2008 using Wordpress.
Now it’s been rebuilt using Hugo, and it’s turning 10 during January 2018. Yay!

It’s been a great ride

I just want to say it’s been a liberating and exhilarating experience.
If you do professional web development you should probably check out Hugo and Bulma.