2020 / 07 / 25
Dota 2: Game client is out of date issue

Unable to update, even after restarting.


Whenever you see this message you usually close the game client, wait a bit until the update finishes downloading then restart the game.

Game client is out of date

But sometimes, the updating process will never start, and you will be greeted with this dialog all the time with no way of getting rid of it, lest you reinstall the game —which is not practical when the whole game is around ~25GB.

So, what to do?

Easy fix

Note: The instructions presented here are for Manjaro Linux.

Close the game and the Steam client, then:

rm .local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/dota\ 2\ beta/game/dota/steam.inf

Restart your Steam client and it should start downloading that stupid update. :D