How to install PostgreSQL in Manjaro Linux

Published on 2018/03/08

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Installation process

Setting up PostgreSQL in Manjaro Linux is very easy.

Just follow these steps and you’ll have a working installation in no time.

Install the postgresql package:

sudo pacman -S postgresql

Switch to the postgres user account and initialize the database cluster:

sudo su postgres -l # or sudo -u postgres -i
initdb --locale $LANG -E UTF8 -D '/var/lib/postgres/data/'

Options for initdb are as follows:

  • --locale is the one defined in /etc/locale.conf.
  • -E is the default encoding for new databases.
  • -D is the default location for storing the database cluster.

Now, start and enable the postgresql.service:

sudo systemctl enable --now postgresql.service

That’s it!


— lt

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